Johny Vishvaas
Donated Rs 50,000/-

Johnny vishvaas, 2yrs old boy case of severe pneumonia, left upper lobe emphysema. (s/p decortication,
sepsis, Anemia, failure to thrive). He is on IV linezolid IV cefepime & Imipenem.

Admitted with Complaints of Cough and cold since 4weeks, fast breathing since 3 days.

  1. Johny parents took the child to Shivraram hospital 1st near chintal for treatment. Went for 1
    month& IV injection was given in the morning and evening every day. Even though there was no
    improvement seen, the child was shifted to another hospital.
  2. At the 2nd hospital he got admitted for 3 days, baby was suffering from severe problems and he
    was extremely sick and fragile.
  3. They shifted him to a 3rd hospital, (Happy Children’s Hospital in Chintal for half day then later
    was referred to Little Stars Children’s Hospital.
  4. He had Decortication of left upper lobe. He is doing better now on Room air not requiring
    oxygen. Oral intake is better On IV medications.