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Children don’t want too much from their lives. They’re content if they get to play, learn, laugh and quite simply live a happy life. They want little things in life: a hug from mom, a ride on the merry-go-round and a colourful little toy. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not every child has it easy. The little boy who wanted to be a runner, cannot walk. The girl who wanted to be rapunzel, lost her hair in chemotherapy. And, the children who wanted to just live, breathed their last because their parents weren’t rich enough. How heartbreaking is it to lose a little life just because there wasn’t enough money? That is why, we, at Choice Foundation, provide quality healthcare for unwell kids hailing from poor families. And, we cannot do it alone.

Since our inception, we’ve been able to provide Tertiary Intensive and Emergency Medical Care as well as Preventive care to over 4300+ kids.

Donate Rs. 1000 to sponsor a child for comprehensive health screening!

About Choice Foundation

Choice Foundation is a Not- for- Profit organization established in the year 2012 by a few medical and non-medical professionals. The objective is to develop an ecosystem of doctors, donors, various NGOs supporting orphanages, facilitators and other charitable institutions to be in the service of socio-economically...

Tertiary Intensive &Emergency Medical Care (TIME)

“Every Child Counts” is the theme that has been adopted by the members of the Choice Foundation team. Here the team is completely committed to work actively to reach the unreached by expanding the Geographical spread to support and save the children through Nutritional support, Treatments, Care and...


'My Child Health' Preventive School Medical Screening Program is a very unique, holistic, standardized and comprehensive digital screening of child's mind and body systems, which aims at assessing and continuously monitoring the child'sphysical and psychological health that shapes and positively influences