Who We Are?

CHOICE Foundation, with its avowed mission to contribute its might to a healthy nation by means of preventive intervention and promoting healthy lifestyle practices in the future generations, has initiated MY CHILD HEALTH.

A significant number of children who need State-of-the-Art treatment in tertiary pediatric intensive care units were observed to be due to negligence of symptoms of sickness at an early stage of the disease or a lack of screening and awareness of good health practices and wellbeing. These observations were an inspiration to undertake the project to comprehensively screen school children’s health at an early age to achieve minimization or preventing a disease onset and consequent disability.


'My Child Health' Preventive School Medical Screening Program is a very unique, holistic, standardized and comprehensive digital screening of child's mind and body systems, which aims at assessing and continuously monitoring the child's physical and psychological health that shapes and positively influences the overall development. It assesses the child's health extensively and intensively across the following mind and body systems:

  • Anthropometry & Vital signs
  • Growth, Diet and Nutritional Health
  • Visual Health
  • Dental Health
  • Audiology, Speech & Hearing Health
  • General Pediatrics and most importantly
  • Behavioral, Emotional & Psychological Health

We wish to empower every child to "CELEBRATE HEALTHY CHILDHOOD" through this preventive school healthcare which is designed to assist early identification & advocate early intervention for undetected or borderline conditions that could impact every facet of the child’s life.


A child’s physical & mental health influences his/her performance in curricular and extracurricular activities. With an objective to address these issues amongst the children, CHOICE Foundation over the years has developed “My Child Health” Preventive School Medical Screening Program after extensive research inputs from doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and other paramedical teams integrating most efficient “standard of practice” pediatric medical protocols comparable across the world.


  • “MY CHILD” Comprehensive Medical SCREENING of each Organ System is unique, different, extensive & more intensive than other regular school health check by which detailed information on status of health of a child is mapped which benefits the child, parent, teacher & the nation as a whole
  • The process and system adopted is unique in itself:
    1. Sophisticated / Precision medical testing tools used – complies to “Standard of Care” comparable across the world
    2. State-of-the-art Software: Consolidated and Integrated health data entry & analysis
    3. Customized, Confidential and Real time “health & risk” reporting with WHO-ICD-10 coding (WHO-International Classification of Diseases)
    4. Recommend a Comprehensive Early Intervention Advisory for all detected mind & body system disorders
    5. Comparative analysis of all mind & body systems (Anthropometry, Eye, Ear, Psychology etc) over subsequent years
    6. School & Parent can monitor the progress.
    7. Early Intervention / Evaluate effectiveness of an intervention in relation to academic, curricular & co-curricular activity
  • Child Psychology Screening and Evaluation is done in 3 stages:
    1. STAGE 1 - Comprehensive screening of Behavioral, Emotional & Psychological Development of child using “Psych-Screen” TM

      Two environments - the home and school, majorly influence a child’s mind. We plan to obtain relevant information digitally from both the parents & teacher to get an overall view of the child’s body and mind.

      “Psych-Screen” TM is a unique, comprehensive, standardized and age specific digital questionnaire (software tool) that reliably identifies “at risk” children. This advanced psychological software program categorizes these children based on the responses provided by parents as well as teachers and gives a customized risk-report to the parents and further aids the psychologist with a child specific to-do-list of “standardized psychological assessment tools”

    2. STAGE 2 - Detailed Psychological Assessment:

      Children who are screened positive by “Psych-Screen” TM undergo further detailed assessments for the final diagnosis by a child psychologist as per standard criteria to either confirm or rule-out the presence of an underlying condition using standardized psychological assessment tools

    3. STAGE 3 - Detailed Report & Intervention Advisory:

      A detailed behavioral, emotional and psychological report is given to the parents along with a comprehensive Early Intervention Advisory.

      The information obtained is highly confidential and only the parents can access the results. The teacher could access the results only on parental consent.

    4. Growth & Nutrition:
      1. Growth & Dietetic History is obtained from family
      2. Anthropometric Information (Height, Weight, Head Circumference, Mid Upper Arm Circumference and Triceps Skin fold Thickness) of each child gives a comprehensive graphic representation and Percentiles on Growth Charts
      3. Customized Diet Chart
    5. Anthropometry and Vital Signs: A comprehensive consolidated report provides an accurate numerical & pictorial illustrative of all anthropometric parameters and blood pressure. The report also provides a precise diagnosis with WHO – International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes along with recommendation of a comprehensive early intervention advisory


  • Early Identification
  • Early Intervention
  • In-depth Awareness of Child’s Mind & Body Health
  • In-depth Awareness of Child’s Mind & Body Health
    • Helps the Parents understand their child better
    • Helps Teachers to teach more innovatively and effectively
  • Eliminate the Stigma/Bias towards Physical & Mental ill-health in children
  • Parent / Teacher support & Social support / TEAM Work enormously facilitate positive outcomes
  • Different Not Less