About Us

Our Mission and Vision


To provide access to state-of-the-art Tertiary Intensive& Emergency Medical Care for under privileged children.

To promote preventive child healthcare and bring about awareness of good health practices through focused research on physical and mental health determinants by using Standard Pediatric Protocols.


To ensure a future healthy generation for a healthy nation


Choice Foundation is a Not- for- Profit organization established in the year 2012 by a few medical and non-medical professionals. The objective is to develop an ecosystem of doctors, donors, various NGOs supporting orphanages, facilitators and other charitable institutions to be in the service of socio-economically challenged families with sick children needing intensive care and emergency treatment. With many years of experience taking care of under privileged children, the team found yet another social requirement to promote preventive healthcare amongst children and to bring about an awareness of good health practices. This would circumvent the possible high cost tertiary care not just to the unaffordable but also the affordable.

“Every Child Counts” is the objective that motivates every stakeholder in CHOICE Foundation, which stands for Children’s Intensive Care, and Emergency Foundation”. Since 2012, CHOICE Foundation has been relentlessly working on its objective and has identified and supported many children needing critical and emergency care.

The focus of the Foundation is long-term engagement to educate the children, parents, teachers and institutionson Good Health and Well-Being, as it is the children’s fundamental right and need.

Our mission to empower every child with good health led us to initiate “My Child Health”, acomprehensivepreventive school health screening for all children. Every child at various private, government, social welfare & tribal schoolsirrespective of their socio-economic status should have a right to be healthy through this initiative. It echoes well with our mission – “Empower Every Child to Celebrate Healthy Childhood”